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Providing the experienced Creative talent that your brand needs to make your vision real—quickly and efficiently.

Our clients are in the business of helping others. From physical health to financial wellness, from social justice to spiritual connection, our clients are committed to making lives better for their customers.

Our mission is to create the content that tells your story to the world, transforming your vision into action.

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art And design

Creative concepts

Message Development

Print & Digital Ads

Branding, logos, and taglines

Website content

Social Media posts and blogs

Email content

Video Scripts and storyboards

Presentations and Speaker Decks

editorial services

And More…


Ready Writer NYC started with a simple idea: a few dedicated people who love to do good work.

My name is Kelly Wilson, and I am the lead writer and founder of Ready Writer NYC. I am a copywriter and creative director with more than 20 years experience in copywriting and marketing for clients ranging from multinational healthcare companies to technology startups, from high-end financial services to local nonprofits. 

Ready Writer NYC is a creative collective that attracts the best and the brightest from a network of experienced industry professionals. Together, we are doing what we love: creating flawless, compelling content, across multiple categories, channels, and audiences.

From the initial dive into the details of your brand to the final rounds of annotation and quality control, we are dedicated to fully understanding your brand and sharing its story with the world.

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